Improving lives through expanding and promoting literacy within the community.



Humans of OLC


We Change Lives

Ozark Literacy Council has been serving the Washington County community for 55 years.  In this time we have grown from teaching a handful of students to serving hundreds of adults each year. We have helped many of them reach their goals such as getting a better job, achieving financial security for their family, helping their children with their homework, increasing community involvement, and obtaining U.S. citizenship. Last year OLC had 80 volunteer tutors who offered their time to give students a chance to learn and improve reading, spelling, grammar, writing, pronunciation, and conversational English skills.



Students Served in 2019

This number is up from 83 students served in 2007 and the value of this year's instructional hours is $406,440.



Different Countries Represented

Are students are all adults and come from 58 different countries around the world.



Cost to Students

Our success depends on funding. Consider donating to the Ozark Literacy Council to ensure that OLC can continue to promote and expand literacy for the Washington County community.


Our Programs

OLC provides four levels of one-on-one tutoring and classes in Adult Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language (Basic, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) that include curriculum in language, civic, financial, health, and workforce literacy.


Students increase their ability to communicate in English while learning U.S. systems, customs, and culture and skills useful in life, academic, and workplace applications. Students come with a variety of skills and we place them in 4 levels of tutoring and English classes (basic, beginning, intermediate, advanced). This includes instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Students learn about money and money making decisions such as opening a bank account, investing their money, writing checks and how to protect themselves from fraud.


Students learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, naturalization procedures, civic participation, and U.S. history and government so that they can acquire the skills and knowledge to become active and informed parents, workers, and community members.


We help students understand and have access to basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. Curriculum includes going to the doctor or hospital, reading and understanding medicine labels, reading and interpreting nutritional information, and navigating health insurance.



“I’m learning English for my kids. I have an eight year-old and for him, it’s really difficult to do homework or reading. He’s so excited because I'm starting to understand.”



Get Involved

For more information on how you can help call (479) 521-8250, stop by our office located at 2596 Keystone Crossing in Fayetteville or email We hope to hear from you.


Become a Tutor

We are seeking volunteers to serve as adult basic literacy tutors and ESL tutors for individuals of all levels.

Become a Volunteer

We have long term, short term, and “anywhere in between” term opportunities for volunteering.

Make a Donation

Your gift will support our free English classes and one-on-one tutoring. Our success depends on support.