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Meet Savannah, OLC Volunteer

"[OLC] has really opened my eyes to the whole world, because I’ve met people from all these places that I’d love to visit but might not ever go to. It’s given me a window. I think it’s such a safe community for the students who are scared to speak because practicing English is so scary. But it’s also [safe] for me. I’ve never taught before, so I was so nervous when I first started, but [the students] were so encouraging, even though they were the ones learning. …it’s a safe space for everyone, and everyone is really focused on others and trying to build an inclusive community. To be in this sort of work, you have to have a certain level of empathy, but everyone I’ve met has such a genuine kind heart. " SAVANNA, OLC Volunteer

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Tutor Training

We train volunteers the final Monday evening of each month. Tutor training begins at 5:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm. Add your e-mail below to be invited to the next session.