Volunteer Tutor: David Hansen

David Hansen started volunteering at OLC in June of 2009. A lifelong avid reader, then at a career stage when he had a little extra time, he wanted to do something to pass on the miracle of reading to someone who struggled with it.

An engineer by profession, David has lived and worked in Fayetteville for 30 years. In his time with OLC, he has worked with more than a dozen literacy learners, about an even mixture of native English speakers and ESL students. Several of these have been working with him for most of this time, illustrating a close and trusting relationship between tutor and student.

In the summer of 2012, David suffered a stroke, but to everyone’s great relief he was able to quickly bounce back. It was only six or so weeks before he was back at OLC, working with students once again. He continues with us to this day, undiminished in his passion to help, his ability to reach his students, and his determination to impact and improve their hopes and dreams.

The following quote illustrates the relationship David has with his students:

“A lot of people have had difficulty understanding me speak since my stroke. Although they had the opportunity to be matched with another tutor after my stroke, my students insisted they wanted to continue to work with me and that has kept me coming back”.

Brittany Phillips