Meet Rohani


I’m Rohani, and I’m here from Indonesia. My husband came here when he received a U of A Fulbright scholarship. When my baby was six months old, we came here to join him. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Back home in my country, I used to watch Hollywood movies. I thought of America in terms of big cities, crowded places, and people wearing fancy dresses. However, when I first got here, I felt amazed by the country and landscape of the Natural State. Here in Arkansas, everything is completely different. I see woods. I see big roads, but less traffic than I expected. Also, people here are very friendly, and religious, too. In my mind, I thought America was a secular country, and Americans didn’t really have the value of belief. At Ozark Literacy Council, I mingle with different people from all over the world. It makes me feel humble, open-minded, and more respectful of others’ beliefs. I have made many new friends, and we have established strong relationships inside and outside of class. I see a lot of good inside the hearts of Americans, especially the people of Arkansas.

Brittany Phillips